e-marga is a electrical class 'I' KPWD registered company in the silicon city of INDIA - Bangalore. We @ emarga with a highly skilled & experienced personnel understand the needs of our customer and provide THE BEST possible services in the areas of electrical , plumbing and carpentery maintenance services.

We highly understand the need for such professional services and are grooming ourselves to be the BEST operation & maintenance service provider. e-marga also expanded this service to the pvt. sector and thus was born CallToFix™.in

CallToFix™.in is a professional services wing aimed at providing organized electrical, plumbing and carpentery services to all customers. We are proud to be the first professional services provider in INDIA across all sectors like residential, commercial and Industrial. Http://www.calltofix.in is the official website hosted for this service.

Most unique advantages of CallToFix™.in are
· Providing an organized service in a totally un-organized sector in INDIA.
· One telephone number PAN INDIA – 1 800 425 11 22 33.
· Hassel free Process.
· Rapid Response – 24/7.
· Quality Service.
· Customer Management using CRM software.
· Fully equipped service associates.
· Service associates fully trained for quality procedure and installation.
· Each service associate vehicle is GPRS enabled for tracking.
· CallToFix.in has TRADEMARK registration for the logo and name to ensure uniqueness and be a differentiator in the market.
· CallToFix™.in in the market has been a proud participant in LEADERS OF TOMORROW organized by indiamart.com

Our cultural background teaches us (taught by the gurus to their students in 6th century BCE )

Asato ma sad gamaya - lead us from ignorance to knowledge.
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya - lead us from darkness to light.
Mritorma-amritam gamaya - lead us from mortality to immortality.

Relating these teachings to today's ethical business needs, they form the base of BUSINESS STANDARDS. We @ e-marga have an environment to share and spread knowledge, always look to deliver better services to our customers and look for the immortal path to success. Our key focus is on providing quality service to the residential, commercial & industrial customers. We offer total civil & electrical solutions/services to our customers.

“Quality matters to us in always and all ways”